Civil law (also often known as private law) may not be the trendiest area of law, but it is the basis of all other branches of law. Without realising, you will encounter the rules and principles of civil law almost every day.

Range of general and specific liabilities

Civil law includes liability law, which roughly determines that everyone is obliged to compensate for damage caused by his own fault or by the fault of his/her employee, child, animal or construction. In addition, there are several specific liabilities. You may be aware of the mandatory ten-year liability of the architect and contractor, as a result of which they are responsible for the defects in your building that endanger the stability and this for a period of ten years. Although liability is often obvious, enforcing it is a different matter. Another example is product liability, which allows consumers to address the producer if a product subsequently proves to be defective.

When you cause a traffic accident, you can also be held liable. Of course, it is also possible that you are not at fault. In that case, you are the victim of the traffic accident and the insurance of the party causing the accident will have to intervene. Unfortunately, in such cases there is often a discussion about who is responsible. If you suffer damage or have caused damage yourself, you can always count on our assistance. We can contact your insurance company or contact the person who caused the damage. In addition, we are ready to represent you in court if the harmful event would lead to legal proceedings.

General contract law: daily practice

In addition, civil law also includes general contract law, which incorporates all contracts between individuals, but also between companies and individuals. Contracts between companies, on the other hand, are governed by commercial law. General contract law includes contracts that you conclude on a daily basis, often without realising it, such as sales or rental contracts. Of course, we will not advise you when concluding every agreement. However, there are also a lot of contracts that do require attention, such as the purchase or rental of a property. In addition, our firm can also assist you in drawing up or modifying lease agreements, agency agreements, settlements, etc. If, after the conclusion of the agreement, your contracting party does not comply with the agreement, we can also help you with the notice of default of your contracting party and the possible claim for the execution of the agreement.

Real estate

Finally, you can also contact our office for all your questions relating to real estate. Think of liability claims and specific building agreements such as architectural agreements, (sub)building agreements, cooperation agreements, etc.

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